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Kelly Kiefer

“I believe art should make a statement, cause intrigue, incite conversation, and evoke a reaction. Art can elevate a residential or commercial setting, enhance our lives, and be as functional as it is meaningful. We're in a period of distruption where art and design are colliding; art can incite multilayered conversations that lead to cultural impact, accomplish a goal such as enhancing the bottom line of a corporation, and it can be worthy simply because it draws your attention and pondering time and time again. While one doesn't need art to live, one needs it to be fully alive." -Kelly Kiefer

Kelly Kiefer, A Daring Life, is a collection of gallery-quality statement pieces; sculptural furnishings and interior accessories offered in Limited Edition Series, made-to-order, and one-off pieces.  This work is represented on the coasts among international artists and design stars such as Tom Dixon, Jeff Koons, Marcel Wanders, Zaha Hadid, Maarten Baas, Lindsey Adelman, Gio Ponti and Karl Springer.  

Kiefer also engages in highly collaborative projects in commercial development and hospitality environments.  When it comes to such projects, Kiefer viscerally understands that time frame, budget, materials, specs, etc. are just as important as the story and look of the art.  In collaborations, Kiefer works closely with the team (designer, architect, developer, art consultant) to ensure the success of the project as defined by the team.  

"I love that 'what if…' is such a tiny little phrase loaded with possibility."

Fearless, relentlessly tenacious, and unwavering in her convictions, Kelly Kiefer has always been an artist. Born and raised in Colorado, her adventurous upbringing permeates all she does.  Kiefer began rock climbing at the age of two, later skiing off snow covered cliffs, and now feeds her craving for adrenaline by creating art experts have said impossible to produce. Dumbfounded by the notion deeply ingrained in the culture of her upbringing that being an artist isn’t a “real” job, she audaciously lives out the phrase “fortune favors the bold and scorns the timid,”. This boldness gives way to references of breathtaking beauty found throughout the mountains: texture, light, reflection, and juxtaposition of hard and soft. Should one choose to look further, they’ll find the work speaks to the human condition: pain and beauty, struggle and triumph, heartache and healing. 

An insatiable desire to work in a panoply of media, a resolute commitment to excellence and an insistence on creating pieces of exceptional quality, Kelly Kiefer utilizes old-world methods, current technology, and even employs the expertise of engineers for moving parts, motors and controllers. Working on commission for 15 years, Kiefer has worked with a vast array of materials; nickel-plated steel, platinum, titanium, painting, rare woods, marble imported from Italy for hand carving, blown glass, clay, resin, cast bronze, cast stainless steel, and 24 karat gold to name a few. Due to the complexity of her work, Kelly Kiefer pieces require the support of her team; a small army of expert artisans built over many years.

Known for her discerning eye and remarkable level of sophistication, highly credible people the design arena and art world insisted for years that Kelly Kiefer work be readily available; work that expresses her vision and aesthetic. Embracing the concept of "what if...?", Kiefer gave into the demands. Drawing, sculpting, building and sanding, she worked until her hands literally bled from the inside out. Complimenting the manual effort, 3D prototypes and renderings were fabricated in the computer to help solve real-world logistics. Kelly and her team utilized every resource in their wheelhouse and thousands of hours later the collection, fittingly titled A Daring Life, debuted at "What's New What's Next 2016" at the NY Design Center. A Daring Life consists of sculpture that's also functional.  Primarily cast bronze, cast stainless steel, and 24 karat gold, the collection is now offered in the realm of commercial and residential architecture, interior design, and limited edition collected art. In the words of Evan Lobel, Proprietor of Lobel Modern Gallery in NY (and host of the collection debut), "Kelly's designs are not only unique, they are exceptional. The level of design as well as the level of execution and the evolved aesthetic make her pieces stand out in a market crowded with pedestrian pieces".

Kelly designed this ‘fascinator hat’ for a fundraising event for women in theater. This piece illustrates Kelly’s wide range and perspective, and diverse use of materials and methods. This piece also serves as the maquette for a future sculpture.

Kelly designed this ‘fascinator hat’ for a fundraising event for women in theater. This piece illustrates Kelly’s wide range and perspective, and diverse use of materials and methods. This piece also serves as the maquette for a future sculpture.


At Kelly Kiefer, we passionately want to help others break the cycle of their struggles.  Below are just some of the philanthropic causes we support with our time and monetary contribution (giving over 10% of all profits to charity).  

Project C.U.R.E.  Delivering health and hope to the world, Project C.U.R.E. is the largest provider of donated medical supplies and equipment to developing countries.
Cancer League of Colorado  This organization exists to secure the cure or control of cancer through innovative cancer research and cancer-related services.
All Health Network Counseling, therapy and crisis services
LOVE 146  Together we will work to abolish child trafficking and exploitation
Denver Center for Performing Arts: Together we will help provide theatre education for children and contribution to women in theatre
Denver Rescue Mission: Serving people experiencing homelessness; providing hope in hopeless situtations